What our students say...

Adult Student Laura Says..."I've been having lessons with Kev now for eight months and i really enjoy them. I feel I have come really far and enjoy the music I play. As an older learner I'm finding it surprisingly quick to learn. I always look forward to my lesson as not only am I learning an instrument but it's always a good time to gossip. I feel I have made a good freindship with Mary Anne and Kev. I will always recomend Kev to teach bass as he's an amazing player and hopefully I will be the same in the near future."

Youth Student Scott Says..."Great fun and learn lots, wouldn't miss it!"

Parent of Student Scott Says..."It takes a lot of patience and dedication to teach 'stroppy' teenagers - but you can find it here! This is one lesson that my son would NEVER miss. His tecnique improves all the time, but also success while playing his chosen instrument has boosted his self confidence enormously. This is money well spent."


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